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Thunder is a terrifying sound, that shakes you to the core. It is a warning; animals sense it long before we do. Maxine has visualised this sound and feeling through tempestuous clouds hanging heavy in dark moody skies. The clouds are echoed and intensified through ominous shapes in the foreground, embodying the immense and erratic power of thunder.


Taking inspiration from the beaches of memories past, Maxine focuses on the arch of the Thurlestone Rock. It stands strong and imposing like a beacon, offering courage and strength during tumultuous times.

Maxine takes a painterly approach combining drawing, painting and hand-printed collage, building multiple layers on paper using a palimpsest like technique.


Maxine also considers ‘thunder’ as a metaphor; a warning that actions now will have massive consequences in the future, the devastation won’t be seen until it’s far too late. Concerned about how much the beautiful Devon coastline has altered over the decades due to coastal erosion and pollution. The face of our landscape is changing forever.



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