Print Demonstration


At the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in November 2019, Maxine had the opportunity to hold a print demonstration to show how she uses her techniques to make a palimpsest through an evolving body of small prints. A palimpsest is a document or artwork where the original has been effaced or partially erased, and then overwritten or added to by another: a multi-layered record.





In December 2019, Maxine was selected to attended a five day printmaking residency at In Cahoots, Petaluma, CA. She went with no preconception or plan of what she was going to do, apart from knowing that the journey would inspire her to develop a new body of work, pushing both personal and artistic boundaries.

A mixture of beautiful sources were found for printmaking ideas whilst in California: Downtown Petaluma, the R O Shelling Grain and Feed building and Dillon Beach feature in her work. The combination of urban and natural elements offered her the desired reference she was hoping to discover, enabling her to further develop a dialogue on the page between mark, shape, line, texture and colour.

Maxine usually divides her printmaking time between her studio in Wiltshire, and Spike Print Studios in Bristol. During Coronavirus lockdown, she extended the work started at In Cahoots, where she focused on the references she had collated, absorbing the wider aperture of street scenes, Alcatraz, and studying rocks from the coast. She created a series of monotypes, drawings and paintings: paring back, extracting elements, playing with spaces and echoes. As well as creating a San-Francisco series during lockdown, she re-visited existing Bristol and Barcelona prints.