Ramshackle Tower
Ramshackle Chicken Feed
Ramshackle Chicken feed ll
Ramshackle chicken feed lll
Ramshackle Chicken feed lV
Ramshackle lll
Ramshackle Vl
Ramshackle l
Road to Petaluma
Ramshackle lV
Ramshackle V
Ramshackle ll

This series is an accumulation of six month’s work initiated by a print residency in California in December 2019. After scouring Downtown Petaluma, Maxine stumbled upon the derelict agricultural building,

R.O.Shelling Grain and Chicken Feed: a fascinating tower of irregularities and beautiful corrugated iron.

It became Ramshackle Patchwork, true to its name. During the lockdown she disciplined a residency at home where she focused on paring back, extracting elements, playing with spaces and echoes creating a series of monotypes.

Patchwork Heights
Patchwork Blocks and Lines
Patchwork Chicken House
Ramshackle Shack
Ramshackle Shack lll
Ramshackle Shack ll
Ramshackle Shack lll
Ramshackle Shack lV
Ramshackle Shack V
The Light